[CES 2011] Razer is normally more famous for their line of gaming peripherals for the computer, but this time around they decided to have a go at the console market with the latest releases being the Razer Onza Tournament and Standard Edition. Targeting the Xbox 360 console, both of these will definitely bring much more character to your gaming sessions, with the Razer Onza Tournament Edition being particularly menacing since it sports adjustable resistance analog sticks. These analog sticks can be twisted in one direction to make them more resistant for steadier control, while doing otherwise in the other direction would pave the way for quicker, fluid movements. It really depends on the type of game which you’re going to indulge in, so go nuts!

Both Tournament and Standard Editions of the Razer Onza will sport Multi-Function Buttons (MFB) on the controller’s shoulders that enable the remapping of critical buttons straight to your fingertips. This will add finesse to your game control, as well as allow those with disabilities who unable to reach specific functions on a standard controller to do so. Other specifications include Hyperesponse action buttons, PC compatibility, and a 15 foot cable. Pre-orders will begin from January 17th onwards for $49.99 (or €49.99 if you’re living across the pond).

We liked the way it lit up for some character, and since it comes in black, you need not worry about cleaning its surface (unlike white-colored controllers) even after hours of palm-sweating gaming.

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