A bunch of engineering students from Japan recently came up with an interesting device that plans to change the way we consume candy in the future. Called the TagCandy, this machine consists of a device that you attach to your candy before you eat it. You can then select what sort of mood you would like to enjoy the candy with, i.e. the feeling of fizzy drinks, fireworks in your mouth, or even biting into an apple! The device works by conveying those sensations through a vibrating speaker. It’ll even emit sounds through bone conduction when your teeth bite onto the candy. But all this is only the beginning – the students plan to improve the device in the future, so all you have to do is purchase a generic, plain candy, put it into the device, select whatever you want it to taste like, and the machine will attempt to modify the candy so it tastes like it. How they will achieve this is uncertain, but you can watch the a video demonstration of TagCandy after the break:

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