You will definitely greet such news with a dose of skepticsm, after all, to have Nokia use Android as their operating system of choice would be somewhat akin to having Mac computers run on Windows. Wait a minute here, didn’t the latter happen already, and quite a while back? Well, things were very different then, and while Apple was on a downward spiral, they have Steve Jobs to steer them back to a highly profitable path, and what a great job (pun not intended) he did!
Nokia might just have to turn to Android to arrest their ever sliding market share, and sooner or later, the Finnish phone company cannot rely on emerging markets alone to purchase entry-level handsets to make up the bulk of its profit. What was once taboo might be considered seriously on the table in the near future though, as Stephen Elop recently mentioned that “there are multiple ecosystem patterns that need to be considered,” which could point towards an alternative apart from Symbian. Would you buy an Android-powered Nokia phone?

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