If you’re an ardent follower of webcomics PVP as well as Penny Arcade, you would know by now that the latter has a great love for ping pong which rubbed off the former, and there was even storyline arcs concerning a ping pong competition. Well, for those who are looking for a mate to give those paddles a smashing time but failed in their quest miserably, let technology step in and offer a helping hand – in the form of the hourglass-shaped iPong. Boasting a storage space of up to 100 balls, it will feature a trio of spins – and they are underspin, topspin, and heavy topspin. It can also adjust its frequency from easy to advanced to match your skill level (or help nudge you to the next). No idea on how the 2011 iPong version is different from its predecessor since it looks the same externally, and is the $600 price tag worth the improvements over a pre-loved model that is on Amazon for slightly more than $200?


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