Samsung Notebook 9 Series

It looks like Samsung are ready to take on Apple’s MacBook Air with the release of a new notebook in Korea today. Samsung has just released a new super slim notebook called the Notebook Series 9, and it is one sexy laptop. With a sexy slim metallic form factor and curves in all the right places, the Notebook Series 9 is definitely a pleasure to look at. The notebook comes with a 13.3″ notebook is only 16mm thick and weighs about 2.8 pounds (1.3kg). It packs a core i5 processor and has a touted battery life of 7 hours. It is on sale now in Korea for $2,207 (£1370) and is expected to arrive in Europe in March. No details about a US release date though. But judging from the converted price, it’s not going to do very well unless Samsung makes some adjustments to it.

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