Thunderbolt cable

Intel recently released their new standard for device communication called Thunderbolt last week. It left a lot of people impressed with its high data transfer speeds (10 gigabits per second – double the speed of USB 3.0). But Intel’s rivals in the processor war, AMD, don’t seem to share the same opinion as the crowd. According to an official spokesperson for AMD, one of the reasons they don’t think it will do well because there aren’t any devices that can take advantage of Thunderbolt’s bandwidth at the moment. While this is probably true, if manufacturers start designing hardware to take advantage of Thunderbolt, this statement would be proved wrong. Then again, Intel has mentioned that Thunderbolt is meant to complement USB, and not replace it so they didn’t have any intention of taking over the world with it in the first place. However, who’s going to say no to a connector that transfers files at over 800 megabytes per second? Backing up large amount of files using Thunderbolt is going to be a breeze.

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