The browser wars continue with Microsoft rolling out their latest masterpiece – the Internet Explorer 9 web browser. According to Microsoft, they’re extremely proud of this version since IE9’s graphics handling, security and privacy features finally made it stand proud in the midst of Firefox, Chrome and Safari among others. About time too, we say, since Microsoft has seen their browser market share dwindling each quarter no thanks to the aforementioned competition that has long proven themselves to be faster, more secure and better – even with a relative latecomer like Chrome from Google. According to Microsoft, they’re pretty proud of IE9 containing tools which will stop people from being tracked as they move from site to site, making it a whole lot more challenging for commercial firms to tailor ads to the specific habits of web users. Not only that, separate tools in IE9 make your web surfing experience more secure by keeping an eye on downloads in order to nab viruses and trojans whenever they try to sneak onto a computer. With hardware acceleration built-in, you can expect more visual feasts from IE9, just make sure you have at least Vista running, since this version of the celebrated browser won’t play nice on Windows XP.

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