Superfocus Glasses

On board the recently launched space shuttle, Discovery, NASA provided some special glasses that were designed to help astronauts see better in space. Since the average age of a NASA astronaut is 48, many of them suffer from presbyopia – a condition where the lenses of a person’s eye becomes inflexible, making it tough to focus on close up objects. This condition makes simple tasks like reading difficult to do. The Superfocus glasses aim to help folks suffering from presbyopia. The glasses act like a regular pair of spectacles, with prescription lenses on the outer layer, while a pair of inner lenses helps wearers focus on different distances. The inner lenses contain a clear optical fluid that can be adjusted by using the slider on the bridge of the glasses. Hopefully these glasses make their way back to Earth and end up being sold in optometrists’ shops as I can see them being useful for everyday folk.

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