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JINS Eyewear Opens Robot-Driven Flagship U.S Store
JINS Eyewear is the leading eyewear brand in Japan and we were invited to its flagship store opening in San Francisco on Thursday night, just as it said late last year. Located in Union Square, the 4,900 feet first US-based store officially opened to the public yesterday, April 10 2015,  at 11 am. In Asia, JINS has shaken the corrective eye-wear market by offering high-quality glasses that are very affordable and ready […]

eSight Glasses Let Blind Mother See Her Newborn For The First Time
 A blind mother was able to see her newborn son for the first time thanks to a pair of special glasses. The eSight glasses capture an image and video and then present it in real time with enhancements for people with low vision. These enhancements make the eye perceive more than it would have otherwise been able to.

JINS MEME To Bring Their Smart Glass Stateside In 2015
If there is one drawback to Google Glass it is that it is obvious. We’re sure many people will find it hard to ignore the fact that you have a tiny computer module strapped to your glasses. Some people have taken exception to this as they believe that you are constantly recording/photographing them, so perhaps a more subtle solution is needed.Well over in Japan they have the JINS MEME smart […]

Smart Glasses Helps Medics Find A Patient's Veins Using 3D Imaging
People may not agree on a lot of things, which we certainly learned through our various stories covering the launch of the PlayStation 4 and upcoming launch of the Xbox One, but we’re sure there’s one thing we can agree on: we want medical professionals to easily find our veins. When you need to open up your veins to either get blood work done or to have an IV put […]


Smart Glasses Use High Contrast Images To Help The Blind See
We’ve seen a number of ways modern technology can help the blind as well as those with limited vision get around a little easier. Just this week, we saw a robotic cane that can help its user make their way past obstacles, but a new pair of smart glasses could actually help that person with limited vision see obstacles for themselves, as well as other things around them.

Samsung Patent Reveals Possible Google Glass-Like Eyewear
We’ve heard a number of consumer electronics companies have reportedly started to create their own version of Google Glass, with Microsoft being the latest company to allegedly throw their hat into the smart eyeglasses ring. According to The Wall Street Journal, another giant tech company seems to also be developing their own smart glasses, and it’s a company we’re sure you’ve heard of: Samsung.

Microsoft Testing Prototype Google Glass-Like Eyewear [Report]
There are quite a few companies who are working on their own wearable technology similar to the Google Glass, and it appears Microsoft may be throwing their hat in the ring as well. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in the process of testing prototypes for what is being described as “internet-connected eyewear,” which should obviously mean their own pair of Google Glass.

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 Launched
The SMI Eye Tracking Glasses has just received an update, which will aptly be introduced as the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0. This particular design update will see a slimmer form factor, delivering an instant setup, 60Hz eye-tracking performance and a smartphone-based recorder, which happens to be a customized Samsung Galaxy S4 at this point in time. Although it does not look all that geeky, it will also ensure that […]

Lazyglasses Helps You Watch TV While Completely Lying Down
After a long day of work, there’s nothing more relaxing than lying down on your couch and catching up with your favorite television shows. The only problem is being able to fully relax on your couch is nearly impossible if you also want to be entertained as it’s difficult to be completely lying down on your back to watch your TV without doing some extreme neck turning. Thanks to a […]

ReconJet Heads-Up Display At Google I/O: Looks Neat
Recon Instruments is launching this futuristic-looking heads-up display, which is integrated to sunglasses. The idea is pretty much the same as Google Glass: to deliver information in an integrated way and the sunglasses integration may be just a little bit more conspicuous at first. On a second look, it’s quite obvious that there are not ordinary sunglasses since the display element protrudes quite a bit. Still, this design may yield […]

Golden-i Brings Infrared Vision to Police
Police officers and other emergency services personnel may soon possess Robocop-like abilities, thanks to the Golden-i headset. This device is similar in appearance to the Glass project by Google. However, it has the ability to see through walls using infrared technology.Golden-i was first shown in CES 2013 in Las Vegas a couple of months ago. The hardware is developed by U.S. company Kopin Corporation while the software is created by […]

Google Glass Will Support Prescription Glasses
With Google Glass expected to be released to the public sometime later this year, as a glasses-wearing American, I have always wondered if I’d need to ditch my prescription glasses in order to enjoy the device. It seems Google has been hearing that same concern from their potential customers and have addressed it on their Project Glass Google+ page.If you’ve been wondering if Google Glass will be available for prescription […]

$65 brain interface glasses use eyes to control computers
We have heard of a tongue-controlled wheelchair that offers a greater degree of freedom and autonomy to the disabled, but how about a pair of brain interface glasses that cost all of just $65 to produce, albeit this pair of glasses can be used to control computers? Yes sir, this unique pair of eyewear allows the wearer to operate a computer using one’s eyes, moving the cursor around just as […]

Prism Glasses make you look more dorky than you already are
Have you ever boarded a submarine before? I am quite sure that when you were younger, you must have experimented with a particular scientific project that involved mirrors and tubes of cardboard, creating your very own periscope in the process. Well, the $24.99 Prism Glasses that you see here works in pretty much the same way, although you will not be sighting U-Boats and hoping to send one of the […]

JINS PC for Hackers glasses
Who would have thought that hackers would need a special pair of glasses to help them get their nefarious objectives achieved? Well, here we are with JINS making an announcement that come July 2nd, they will put up for sale a limited release of 1,500 pairs of the “JINS PC for Hackers” glasses.I wonder whether your regular programming jock would find this pair useful, never mind that whatever he does […]

Ultrasonic goggles help visually impaired get around in a safer manner
Researchers over at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain, have managed to come up with something that will have visually impaired folks cheer up – a pair of ultrasonic goggles that intends to make it safer and easier to get around. If you have partial sight, this pair of goggles is said to deliver “Terminator-style vision”. How is this achieved? Why, a couple of cameras that are mounted on […]

User-adjustable glasses is adaptable
Those of us wearing glasses tend to be subject to taunts at the playground, being called all sorts of names in the process as other kids mercifully tease the weaker members or “outcasts”, but as we grow up, we know that wearing glasses are also handy in attracting certain demographic of the opposite sex. Heck, glasses design has come a long way as well, where some of them are far […]

3D printed prototype glasses 'outgeek' Project Glass?
Have you ever wondered what would the world be like if you could, just for the day, record everything that you see with your eyes? I imagine that storage concerns would be at the top of your list, but let us say that storage is not an issue. Enter this pair of prototype glasses printed using a 3D printer that are able to record everything you see, subsequently sharing said […]

Liquid glasses with smartphone app might lead to perfect vision
For those of you who are wearing prescription glasses at the moment, take stock of the situation and be thankful – there are countless millions out there in developing countries who cannot afford a pair of glasses to remedy their poor eyesight, leaving them at a serious disadvantage at the same time. Well, enter the pair of liquid filled glasses, where a $2 scope is attached to a smartphone which […]

Nyxio Venture MMV virtual video display eyewear is portable
If you’ve ever wanted to experience having a personal theater in front of your very eyes, and want to bring it around everywhere you go at the same time, you’re in luck. Nyxio Technologies Corporation has just announced its upcoming video eyewear called the Venture MMV. Designed to fit into your sunglasses case, this portable video eyewear lets users enjoy watching movies or reading books no matter where they are […]