What would you expect to get when you step foot into a Japanese restaurant? Some of us would think of chopsticks and porcelain bowls, but this sushi restaurant in Taiwan is offering a handheld Geiger counter (a device which can detect levels of radiation), letting diners inspect their food for any radioactivity before they dip it with a dash of wasabi. The restaurant in Taipei decided to go ahead with this novel idea after diners expressed their concerns over leaking nuclear reactors in Japan.
Restaurant owner Wang Fang-pin said, “When the disaster struck Japan, our owner was very concerned about the subsequent problems. After we were briefed about the Geiger counter, we purchased it right away. This way our customers can put their minds at ease, and I think it is necessary to safeguard them.”
A gimmick that might just bring in more sales? What do you think of it?

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