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Taiwan FTC Fines Apple For Price Meddling
If there’s one thing about Apple is that they are consistent with the pricing of their products. If one were to hop on over to an Apple retail store or online website, you will realize that the prices of their iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers are more or less the same compared to other countries, with slight differences either due to currency conversion or taxes, but at the end of […]

Apple Reportedly Starts Hiring For iPhone R&D Facility In Taiwan
It was reported last week that Apple is setting up a R&D facility in Taiwan, but the company hasn’t made any confirmation of it as yet. There’s an obvious advantage here for Apple, such a facility would house Apple’s engineers close to their supply chain partners. A new report from Digitimes reveals that Apple has started hiring engineers in Taipei, it has also posted job listings for senior positions. The […]

Taiwan Investigating Samsung For Using Dirty Advertisement Tricks Against HTC
Samsung is in the news again, the controversial side of it. Taiwanese authorities are investigating Samsung over allegations that it used dirty advertisement tactics against HTC. Samsung is accused of hiring students to post malicious comments about HTC online. The Fair Trade Commission spokesman said that this case was set up last week after they had received complaints. If Samsung is found guilty of indulging in such practices, it and […]

Taiwan government asks PC makers to be wary of Apple patent
Apple’s arsenal in the world of intellectual property is truly impressive, and so far, they have dealt a fair number of blows to one of its biggest rivals, Samsung, who has had an injunction filed against it, where there was a request for the stop of the Galaxy Nexus’ sales. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, they have warned hardware manufacturers to prevent designing Ultrabooks which resemble […]


Smartphones make up 55% of total Taiwan handset sales in December
The month of December is a traditionally strong period of sales for retailers, and when it comes to the highly competitive smartphone industry, the same can be said as well. It seems that out of the total handset sales in the last month of 2011, smartphones made up 55% of the figures – in Taiwan, at least. I am not quite sure what the representation is like in other parts […]

iPhone gains NFC capabilities in Taiwan
One of the “drawbacks” to the iPhone is its lack of NFC capabilities, although given the somewhat sluggish adoption of NFC and mobile payment services, we guess it’s not really a feature that most iPhone users will lament about. The good news (?) is that if you happen to be living in Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has launched a device that would give your iPhone NFC capabilities.

Taiwanese researchers come up with a lock that can be opened with gestures
Sick of losing your house keys, or wish that your pant’s pockets would stop tearing or going out of shape thanks to your keys? Well it looks like thanks to a group of Taiwanese researchers, opening your doors with an “invisible key” could become a possibility in the not-so-distant future.

VIA Technologies sues Apple over processor patent infringement
If you have been following the news surrounding the wave of patent wars, you’re probably aware that just about every tech company is suing each other over patent infringements. Apple’s case against Samsung is probably the biggest headline considering that Apple has chased Samsung pretty much halfway around the world. HTC has also filed a lawsuit against Apple along with Motorola, and now it looks like another company has entered […]

Mobile phones to be one of the causes of myopia in young children?
Back in the day, owning a radio was considered a luxury, it then moved on to black and white television sets, then color televisions, then it moved on to cellphones being a status symbol, but fast forward to 2011 and just about everybody has a cellphone regardless whether it’s a feature phone or smartphone. Heck, even kids these days are going to school with iPhones and iPads but it looks […]

HTC considering purchase of a mobile operating system
With the Google acquiring Motorola’s cellphone division, it’s not surprising that other Android handset makers may be a bit cautious over their future. Sure, for now it looks like operations as per usual, but what about the future? While there’s no indication that Google has plans to close off Android to other manufacturers, it still remains a possibility regardless how small it may seem, which is why it’s not surprising […]

Fake Steve Jobs biography on sale in Taiwan
It looks like the Chinese aren’t good for only selling imitation smartphones and tablets – according to reports online, they’re even getting away with creating fake books now. The official Steve Jobs biography is set to be released later this year, but if you wander the bookstores in Taiwan now, you’ll be able to pick one up for about $8 – albeit it won’t be the real deal, though that […]

myPad P2 tablet from Taiwan Mobile
Taiwan Mobile, a mobile carrier from Taiwan, has just announced that they will be adding another piece of hardware into their arsenal – the myPad P2 tablet. From the sounds of it, this won’t be anything groundbreaking although it will be an alternative to all the Android-powered tablets that are in the market, not to mention being a possible low cost alternative to the iPad 2. Powered by Android 2.3 […]

Apple App Store 7-day return window officially open in Taiwan
Not too long ago, Apple was under fire from the Taiwanese government for not having a 7-day return policy for its App Store in compliance with the country’s Consumer Protection Act. It was reported that Apple decided to bend over and change its rules for the country. Well now it looks like the new App Store policy has officially been changed.

ASUS teams up with actor Jay Chou on the special edition N43SL notebook
Though it’s been quite awhile since the Green Hornet movie was released, but the actor who plays Kato in the movie is still a megastar in the country he’s from – Taiwan. And one of the country’s biggest electronics manufacturers, Asus, has decided to team up with him to co-design a special edition version of the N43SL notebook.The special edition Asus N43SL is pretty much just like the regular edition […]