Addonics CF/CFast Drive

Do you have loads of CF/CFast cards lying around the house doing nothing? Wish you could do something more with them besides using them for backup memory cards when your main ones fail? Addonics has come up with a solution to that problem. Called the CF/CFast Drive, it is a 5 ¼” drive bay that has 6 slots for you to plug in with your CF/CFast cards. After plugging it into your computer, and connecting the necessary SATA cables, the drive effectively turns your memory cards into a solid state drive (SSD) that is capable of high-speed data transfer (up to 133MB/s depending on the speed of the cards). The cards can be grouped together to form a larger disk, or can be separated into 6 different drives individually (you’ll need 6 SATA ports in your computer) or in a 5+1 combo. The drives can even be configured to be bootable, so you can store your operating system on a CF/CFast card for high-speed startups. Prices range from $135-$199 and are available now.

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