Users of Apple’s MacBook Air can appreciate how fast it takes to boot up the laptop. In fact most, if not all, SSD (Solid State Drive) owners can probably attest to just how speedy it is but unfortunately due to its high costs and limited capacity, the adoption rate of say a 128GB SSD will never be able to match a 1TB hard drive that’s a fraction of its price. Or maybe not.

According to Kingston, the price of NAND flash memory has been coming down albeit slowly. However the company has predicted that come the second half of 2012, prices will be low enough where the overall pricing of SSDs will finally start to look more attractive to potential buyers.

Nathan Su, flash memory sales director at Kingston, says that the average price of 1GB of NAND flash memory will fall to $1. That would make a 128GB SSD cost $128, which without doubt is cheaper than what it was a year ago, but unless the customer is someone looking for speedy read/write times, for your average customer looking just to store files and make backups, we feel that $128 is still quite a steep price to pay. What do you guys think? Would you pay $128 for a 128GB SSD or is still a lot more expensive than you would prefer?

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