China, the manufacturing hub of the world, is famous for rolling out cheap clones of existing devices. Well, they might have devices in quantity, but when you talk about quality, that is something which is sorely lacking for sure. After all, we’ve seen our fair share of cloned devices from China in the past, and with the current craze of tablets in the market, that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. What you see above is an Android-powered netbook that retails for a mere $76 – now is that super cheap, or what?

Could this little attempt at being a Macbook Air clone actually rekindle the netbook flame amongst consumers? We aren’t too sure ourselves, as the general market direction at this moment in time is rather muted. Coming in a black plastic body that is a surefire fingerprint magnet, the Macbook Air boasts of a 10″ display, a front-facing camera, 4GB of flash memory and an AMLogic Cortex A9 CPU to keep things running inside.

Normally, AMLogic chips would see action in Android tablets, so to see it in a netbook would also make sense since it won’t take up that much juice in the process, and is more than capable of handling simple Web browsing in addition to playing back multimedia content once in a while. Of course, the 12,000mAh battery that was listed is most probably a typo, and the real deal ought to see one shave off a zero from there to end up with 3 to 4 hours of light use. Could this be part of a “netbook for starters” initiative among poorer schools?

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