This is awful news for PlayStation 3 gamers! The much-talked about rhythm music game Child of Eden by Q Entertainment’s Tetsuya Mizuguchi is delayed on the PS3 until September. In Child of Eden, gamers can use Kinect (Xbox 360) or PlayStation Move (PS3) to shoot at onscreen targets. Once shot at the targets create trance like music. Story-wise, you’re tasked with trying to save Project Lumi from a virus attack and create a human in Eden. It kind of runs along the line of the story of Genesis.

At PAX East 2011, the game was a tremendous hit with Kinect. The game might seem simple as described, but believe me, the game is seriously addictive and complex once you get the hang of it.

Sadly, PS3 gamers will have to wait the summer out to get their Child of Eden fix. Called the spiritual successor to Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s cult-hit Rez, Child of Eden will launch on the Xbox 360 with full Kinect support on June 14.

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