Have you heard of the upcoming HTC Sensation that will be arriving over at T-Mobile? Well, it seems that this particular piece of hardware will also sport a Swype-like keyboard interface known as the HTC Trace. For those of you who own Android-powered smartphones and have had fun with Swype before, chances are you would never return to the standard touch typing keyboard any more, or even if you do, you would have torn your hair out in frustration due to the relative slowness and tardiness in composing your message. 

Of course, a Swype equivalent or clone from HTC would not be out of place – after all, the Sense UI has long been the undisputed king when it comes to skins for the Android platform, outperforming whatever LG or Samsung offers right out of the box. This new keyboard will be featured on devices that are running on HTC Sense 3.0.

It remains to be seen whether the HTC Trace will be able to beat Swype at its own game – not many virtual keyboards to date are able to hold a candle to what Swype can do, so here’s to HTC Trace changing all of that.

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