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Swype For Android Has Been Officially Discontinued
When Android was still in the relatively early stages of adoption, one of the apps that helped Android stand out against the iPhone was a keyboard app called Swype. For those who don’t remember or did not know about it, Swype was a keyboard app for Android that lets users compose messages by swiping from letter to letter, as opposed to tapping them one by one.

Swype Keyboard Updated To Be More Efficient
There are some users who swear by the Swype keyboard, claiming that it helps them type faster than a regular keyboard, although admittedly there is a bit of a learning curve to it. Now if you’re an avid Swype user, you might be interested to learn that the keyboard app has recently been updated to be more efficient than before.One of the changes the developers have made includes phrase prediction, […]

Swype For iOS 8 Understands More Languages, Gives Emoji Suggestions
When it comes to a virtual keyboard, there are times when I am quite sure some of us would prefer to revert to the physical keyboard – especially during moments when we need to type out a message while being occupied with something else (driving would come to mind most of the time – one of those rules in life that we break without thinking too much about the consequences), […]

Swype Will Launch Alongside iOS 8 For $0.99
If you’re looking forward to the release of iOS 8 primarily because you can’t wait to install third-party keyboards on your iOS device, you might be pleased to learn that Swype will also be launching alongside iOS 8 on the 17th of September, which is later today. Unfortunately the app will not be free and if you want to install it, you’ll have to pay a price of $0.99 for […]


Swype Makes Appearance On Smartwatch
Smartwatches – they could’ve been the next big thing, but I suppose that particular day has yet to come at this point in time. I mean, how many people do you know who actually own a Samsung Galaxy Gear timepiece that works great with the Galaxy Note 3? Sure, you can rattle off some names, but I am quite sure that the number of people you know who do not […]

Swype 1.6 For Android Brings Small Keyboards To Phablets
We know it’s hard to believe, but there are still people out there who own a smartphone with a touchscreen that can’t get a handle of its on-screen keyboard. That’s why applications like Swype are so important as it allows those who have trouble typing on touchscreen devices actually feel like they can hold a real conversation without the other person thinking they had a stroke due to the amount […]

Apple Patent Reveals Swype-like Keyboard For iOS Devices
Android users are probably familiar with the Swype keyboard which basically allows users to type on their phones just by swiping (or “swyping”) between characters versus pecking at individual letters one at a time. In fact one iOS developer has event attempted to port Swype onto iOS devices although it didn’t exactly take off. However it seems that Apple did think about keyboard alternatives back in the day, and thanks […]

Dryft Hopes To Improve Typing Experience On Tablets
 Some people actually find it quite easy to type on a tablet’s virtual keyboard as opposed to one on a smartphone, obviously because the keys are larger on the tablet as it has relatively more screen real estate. However, there’s one major problem that tablet owners might have experienced. Users can’t rest their fingers or wrists on the screen when typing, because the touch is registered, which ends up pressing […]

New Swype For Android Update Improves Word Predictions
Swype for Android has received a new update which improves word predictions. There are also fixes for various bugs, including word duplication in HTC One Mail app.

Apple And Nuance Deliberating Bringing Swype Keyboard To iOS
Most Android users are familiar with Swype keyboard, it is an intelligent virtual keyboard which makes typing faster as users don’t have to punch in letters like they would normally have to do. By sliding the thumb over letters that make up a certain word, user’s will be given the most accurate word suggestion based on the swiping of their thumb. Only recently the folks at Nuance released Swype 1.5 […]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Update Brings Swype Keyboard With It
The latest software update from Amazon for the Kindle Fire HD has seen support for the new “Kindle Free Time Unlimited” subscription service implemented, but that is not all. I suppose this is because Christmas is around the corner, so it makes perfect sense to come up with more than just one benefit in an update, right? It seems that Amazon did throw in the Swype keyboard to the latest […]

Swype officially supports Ice Cream Sandwich
Swype, the popular keyboard replacement for Android devices has received a long-awaited update today. The latest version of the app now supports the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich, which means you can use Swype on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus (yes we know, there are unofficial versions of Swype out there that already support it). In addition to support for Android 4.0, accuracy has been improved, which should […]

Swype arriving on the Nokia Store soon
Good news for folks who aren’t fans of typing text using the hunt and peck method required by regular touchscreen keyboards. Nokia has announced that Swype for Symbian devices is almost ready to be released on the Nokia Store. The alternative keyboard was released on the Nokia Beta Labs a while ago for users to test, and after months of refinements, it looks like the keyboard is almost good to […]

Swype Beta 3.26 offers automatic updates
If there is one thing about software and apps these days, it is the need to make sure they’re updated to the latest version as much as possible. After all, why would you want to be left behind in terms of version number? Nice to know that the alternative keyboard for virtual keyboard users known as Swype has just rolled out Swype Beta 3.26 that delivers automatic updates to the […]

New Swype now supports gestures
If you’re a Swype user, we’ve got some great news for you. A new version of the alternative Android keyboard is on the way, and it packs a bunch of new improvements that will no doubt please its fans. One of the new additions to Swype is the support for gestures. The updated Swype keyboard has seven built-in gestures for you to launch programs and to perform text-editing functions. For […]

Swype gets "ported" to iOS devices
If there’s one feature that the Android platform has over iOS is that they have Swype, which makes typing out emails, text messages and documents insanely fast, plus it sort of makes having a touch screen more meaningful. iOS users may have had their hopes raised last year in June when Swype’s CEO mentioned that they would not mind seeing Swype featured on iOS devices, however a year has passed […]

HTC Trace offers Swype-like performance with HTC Sensation
Have you heard of the upcoming HTC Sensation that will be arriving over at T-Mobile? Well, it seems that this particular piece of hardware will also sport a Swype-like keyboard interface known as the HTC Trace. For those of you who own Android-powered smartphones and have had fun with Swype before, chances are you would never return to the standard touch typing keyboard any more, or even if you do, […]

Quadriplegic sets new Guinness World Record with Swype
Looks like Swype isn’t just any ordinary alternative keyboard – it can be also used in conjunction with TrackerPro, a head tracking device that allows users to control their mouse pointer without the use of their hands. This unique combination was proven by Hank Torres, a quadriplegic, to be extremely effective when he recently had his name entered in the Guinness World Records. Torres made his mark in the Records […]

Swype released for Symbian^3 devices
Anyone who uses a touchscreen phone and have had experienced the Swype software before would definitely know the difference between the staple virtual keyboard and its tortoise-like speed compared to a Swype master. Right now, the software has just been released on Symbian^3-powered devices, namely the Nokia N8 and C7. According to Swype, those who are pretty proficient should be able to achieve around 40 words per minute with their […]

Leaked Bada OS 1.2 Brings Trace Keyboard Input To The Samsung Wave S8500
If you’re using the old Samsung Wave S8500 and want in on the keyboard-tracing fun, a leaked build of bada OS 1.2 (S8500XXJID) has surfaced that seems to bring keyboard-tracing input to the device. The input method is claimed to be from Swype, though some folks speculate that it may be Nuance’s T9 Trace instead. Still, regardless of which system it is, the ability to use a Swype-like input would […]