swype-ios8When it comes to a virtual keyboard, there are times when I am quite sure some of us would prefer to revert to the physical keyboard – especially during moments when we need to type out a message while being occupied with something else (driving would come to mind most of the time – one of those rules in life that we break without thinking too much about the consequences), and since we are all too familiar with the layout of a handset’s physical keyboard without having to look at it, we can more or less send out a reply accurately. However, a virtual keyboard is a whole lot harder to do so, and thankfully there is always voice composition – which can be pretty tricky at times, too. Nuance’s Swype is a fast way to compose words instead of typing them out individually, and Swype for iOS 8 has just been updated.

In this particular update, Nuance has thrown in support for another 16 more languages, now how about that for variety? After all, variety is the spice of life, and the newly supported languages will include the likes of Hungarian, Romanian, Russian and even Hinglish – which is a mix between Hindi and English. All of this would bring the entire number of languages supported in Swype for iOS 8 to 21. In addition, Swype is now able to suggest just which particular emoji you should use, based on the words that you have typed out in your message. [Press Release]

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