While there are many ways to destroy hard disks, most of them involve getting messy with tools and can even be troublesome to clean up. Well the folks over at IDEAL have come up the ideal way to destroy hard disks – with the IDEAL 0101HDP aka Hard Disk Puncher.

The IDEAL 0101HDP does exactly what its name says – it punches your hard disks. Well not with fists, but with metal rods. This hard drive destroying machine puts holes right through the hard drive, rendering them unusable (by regular standards). The machine punches the holes using 3 tons of force – so you know it can pretty much destroy any hard disk available; just don’t get your hand stuck in there. The green lights also make the whole ordeal seem a lot cooler than it is.

While punching holes in the disks will make them unusable, it is worth mentioning that it’s probably possible to gather data from the “unpunched” areas of the disk. But the 0101HDP destroys the hard disks in a fashion that’s not difficult to clean up, and not life threatening to users (there’s no need to set fires or put your disks in microwave ovens) but it doesn’t come cheap. At almost $3,300, it’s not going to be a machine everybody can afford. Buy it here.

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