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Scientists Create A Disk Able To Store Data For A Million Years
Being able to store terabytes of data on a hard drive is pretty easy as nowadays, all you need to do is hook up a hard drive to your computer and you can start storing content immediately. But being able to keep that data lasting for longer than several years can be quite a challenge, especially if you regularly use the hard drive. It looks like that will be a […]

SanDisk Ultra Plus SSD launched
[CES 2013] Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming more common by the day, and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to stop. At CES 2013, SanDisk has announced the launch of two more SSDs: the Ultra Plus SSD and X110 SSD. While the latter is for OEMs to create new faster and slimmer devices, the Ultra Plus SSD is designed for consumers who want a high performance drive.The […]

Seagate Barracuda Drives Updated, Streamlined
Seagate is overhauling its legendary barracuda line of hard drives by using the same technology on every barracuda drives, notably a 7200 rpm of rotational speed, 6Gb/sec SATA and the same DicsWizard driver for 2TB drives. This effectively leads to a single family of products that will only scale in capacity: from 250GB to 3TB. With this streamlined line-up, Seagate also makes it easier for PC manufacturers to qualify its hard […]

Rumor: 5TB Seagate hard drives on their way
How large is your most spacious hard drive in your desktop at the moment? 1TB? Well, it seems that the ante is about to be upped by another level as boffins continue their unrelentless march towards improving current technology by walking towards tomorrow. It seems that a Seagate Middle East salesperson was reported to suffer from a case of the “slip of the tongue”, letting out Seagate’s future plans of […]


BytePac hard drive boxes are made from cardboard
Using cardboard to replace metal or plastic on a computer isn’t exactly new, normally it’s  budget-friendly and free most of the time but not when it comes to BytePac. This “green” cardboard housing which is used to turn your regular hard disk drive into an external USB/SATA drive isn’t for the budget-minded folk. While we’re definitely in favor of using such environmental-friendly products, charging top dollar for what essentially can […]

Toshiba MK01GRRB/R series small form factor hard drive
Toshiba steps to the forefront of news-making headlines yet again by introducing the industry’s highest capacity enterprise small form factor 15k RPM hard drive – in the form of the MK01GRRB/R series. This essentially sees a doubling of capacity where high performance enterprise drives are concerned, in addition to throwing in a self encrypting model that ought to keep a wide spectrum of users happy.

Gigabyte A2 Tiny hard drive is lighter-sized
When you think of portable hard disks, the word tiny probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well, that’s what we thought until Gigabyte announced its latest portable hard disk in Taiwan, the A2 Tiny. Looking like some sort of fancy cigarette lighter, it has a huge capacity for something of its size – 160GB which should be more than enough for storing and moving around most of […]

Western Digital Scorpio Blue packs quite a punch
Western Digital, one of the names that is closely associated with quality storage devices for the computer (desktop or otherwise), is back again with the new WD Scorpio Blue. This is a new 2.5″ mobile hard drive which measures a mere 9.5mm thin, and to sweeten the deal, the Scorpio Blue will feature up to 1TB of storage space, being specially designed for mainstream notebook computers.How is the 1TB storage […]

Seagate unveils world's first 3.5" HDD featuring 1TB of storage per disk platter
With everybody on a high speed internet connection these days, people are filling up their hard drives with gigabytes of files on a daily basis and it’s no surprise if everybody craves for more space. Seagate has just introduced a new Barracuda XT 3TB hard drive to meet those cravings. The company has just introduced the world’s first high density 3.5″ hard disk drive that features 1TB of data per […]

Secret data stored on hard drives, made easy
Computer scientists have come up with a way to develop software which will be able to stash away highly sensitive data on hard drives – all without requiring the use of any form of encryption. This is made possible by controlling the precise disk locations that will hold the file’s data fragments. The application will be released as a form of open-source software (hooray!), where it will rely on steganography […]

IDEAL 0101HDP puts holes in your hard disks
While there are many ways to destroy hard disks, most of them involve getting messy with tools and can even be troublesome to clean up. Well the folks over at IDEAL have come up the ideal way to destroy hard disks – with the IDEAL 0101HDP aka Hard Disk Puncher.The IDEAL 0101HDP does exactly what its name says – it punches your hard disks. Well not with fists, but with […]

Seagate GoFlex Slim Drive: the world's slimmest, portable, external hard drive
If you were looking for the slimmest external hard drive available on the market – look no further than Seagate’s latest offering. The GoFlex Slim Drive that is available today from Seagate has just earned the title of the world’s slimmest portable external hard disk. With a width of only 9mm, the GoFlex Slim Drive is roughly the width of a pencil. It comes equipped with a 7200RPM drive and […]

Toshiba updates STOR.E external HDD models
Toshiba might have shut down the LCD assembly line in Japan due to the recent catastrophe, but that doesn’t mean the consumer electronics giant is going to just keel over and be depressed about all that’s happening in their homeland. No sir, Toshiba has instead decided to update their family of STOR.E external hard drives, where the smaller ALU 2S will see a 2.5-inch hard drive inside with up to […]

Hitachi CinemaStar Drive Family Expands for A/V market
[CES 2011] Storage is always an issue with those who are multimedia buffs, since those kind of files tend to eat up space like nobody’s business. Well, Hitachi certainly knows what they doing with their latest CinemaStar hard drives, targeting the lucrative A/V market with larger capacities. Optimized for the digital video recorder (DVR), IPTV set-top-box (STB), video surveillance and emerging hard drive-embedded TV markets, these two drives are the […]

Seagate Barracuda Green hard drive now available
Seagate has a heart for the environment with their latest Barracuda Green hard drive, where it is the industry’s highest performance eco-friendly 3.5-inch desktop drive that consumes extremely little juice, making it suitable for low-power personal computers, multi-drive home networking systems and external PC storage. Formerly known as the Barracuda LP, the new Barracuda Green will merge the industry’s highest spin speed (5900 RPM) with Seagate’s SmartAlign technology, resulting in […]

Toshiba announced Wipe technology for Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive models
Are you paranoid about data security? Toshiba’s range of Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models might just be able to fit you to a T, where it will work in tandem with Wipe Technology which includes a first of its kind feature in the world, where sensitive user data is securely erased whenever a system is powered-down or when a SED hard drive is taken out physically from a computer system. Apart […]

Toshiba MBF2xxLRC 2.5-inch enterprise hard drive
Toshiba’s MBF2xxLRC 2.5″ enterprise hard drive is rather special since it has been mounted onto a 3.5″ bracket, which means you can basically use the MBF2xxLRC on 2.5″ brackets in computers as well. This could very well reduce the effort, cost, and time constraint of infrastructure, design, replacement, and installation when migrating to the latest generation of small form factor enterprise-class hard drives. You can choose from 300GB, 450GB and […]

LaCie Rugged Safe hard drive is super paranoid
We know that nobody likes to lose their data, but what happens when you end up doing all you can in your power with multiple backups only to have your world come crumbling down simply because the entirety of your backups failed when you needed them the most? LaCie has a solution for the super paranoid – we’re talking about 128-bit AES hardware encryption, biometric fingerprint access and a shock-proof […]

Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive writes new chapter in storage
Seagate attempts to bury its past failure three years ago by offering a new hybrid drive known as the Momentus XT, where it will merge both the capability of a hard drive as well as Solid State Drive (SSD), hitting up to 500GB of storage space for $155, (with prices starting from $113 upwards) depending on how much data you want to keep inside. The previous attempt by Seagate a […]

MXI Security Stealth HD Bio Focuses On The Security Of Your Hard Drive
Are you really fussy about the privacy of your data that you keep in your hard drives? And we mean really fussy. If you’re the ultra-paranoid type of person, you’ll be happy to hear that MXI Security has announced its Stealth HD line of secure hard drives that now offer storage capacities of up to 500GB. So what are the safety precautions? Well, the drive bears the FIPS 140-2 Level […]