Moodagent 3.0

Moodagent 3.0 combines mood-based music selection and geolocation

Moodagent is a smart mobile application that automatically selects music and creates playlist according to users’ mood. Today, Syntonetic, the company developing the app, has introduced its latest version, Moodagent 3.0, that features localized recommendations.
2010 has been the year of localization, with Facebook announcing its Location APIs, and major internet brands launching group-shopping with local deals services. Most recently, Placecast, the company behind localized advertising platform ShopAlerts, closed a deal with AT&T.

So, how location can be used in music recommendations?

The new Moodagent music selection engine combines acoustic, emotional profiling with collaborative filtering and geographic targeting. For example, two users from different places listening to the same Lady Gaga song will receive slightly different recommendation; the one based in New York will get recommended tracks that are tailored towards US tracks and Americans’ listening habits, while the recommendations following this song for the Korean user may be a K-Pop hit. Moodagent recommendations provide up to 90 seconds of a track and are  integrated with iTunes, making purchasing easy. According to Syntonetic,to date,  over 5 million people have used Moodagent.

Key Features (from the press release)

  • Automatically profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub-genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features
  • Instantly create mood-based playlists by setting the mood-sliders or choosing a seed track
  • Save and replay favorite playlists
  • Remove songs from playlist
  • Share your mood and taste in music on Facebook and Twitter
  • Headset Controls: All native iPhone remote control commands work with Moodagent, including pausing the song while picking up a phone call

New Features (from the press release):

  • Music recommendations: Users can activate a playlist with a mix of their own library and then use any track within that playlist to generate online recommendations that match the specific mood values of the playing track
  • Greater mood control: Disable specific mood-sliders to exclude in the playlist
  • Instantly buy recommended music
  • Try before you buy: Pre-listen to recommendations

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