We do know that Sprint will be rolling out a WiMAX-enabled version of the Motorola XOOM in due time, but it seems that Motorola is about to approach marketing the XOOM tablet using a “scattergun” method – that is, peppering it across different mobile carriers with hopes that there is a XOOM for everybody, regardless of tax bracket and economic background.

Another Motorola device known as the IHDT56ME1 has arrived at the FCC, where it was described as a “wireless tablet,” with test reports pointing towards the device supporting GSM 850 and 1900 bands, in addition to WCDMA bands II and V (850 and 1900). If you read between the lines, that would mean the IHDT56ME1 would play nice with AT&T’s 3G bands Stateside, and might just be the GMS version of the Motorola XOOM that will arrive at AT&T.

Of course, if you want a XOOM but don’t want to pony up any money for it, why not give our Motorola XOOM giveaway a shot?

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