Now here is a remote control that was specially built for the XBMC platform, where it comes in the form of the Nyxboard Hybrid. Not only does it work right out of the box with the hugely popular media center platform, it is also, in fact, the first remote of its kind for the XBMC. Supporting IR in order to know its role as a universal remote for your TV, each purchase will come with an RF adapter that will work with your home theater device without the need for line-of-sight. On the front of the remote lies the standard volume and channel buttons, playback controls and a directional pad while on the flip side would be a QWERTY keyboard. What makes the Nyxboard Hybrid stand out would be a built-in gyroscope, letting the remote know which side is facing upright. Basically, this allows you to let your fingers dance all over the miniature keyboard without having it trigger an unintended volume change from the buttons on the opposite end. Pre-orders stand at $59.99 with a June 27th release date, although there are already some rumblings on the ground that this could be just more than what most folks are willing to pay for – what do you think?

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