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Steam Adds A New Local Multi-Player Feature That Works Over The Internet
We have witnessed cloud gaming projects that you let you play remotely from your smartphone. However, Steam has added an interesting local multiplayer feature that expands its reach over the Internet – Steam Remote Play.Normally, for a game that supports Local multiplayer co-op fun (up to 4 players), you need to be present in a single location.Now, with Steam Remote Play, you can jump right into a game that supports […]

Ubergizmo Best of CES 2017Editor's Pick
Out of the tens of thousands of new products, applications and services introduced at CES, here are the ones who caught our eyes. Although CES 2017 is incredibly diverse, many of the products represented here show strong underlying trends that are of interest to us: Televisions keep evolving very rapidly, with display and processor becoming separated. The PC industry experiences important growth & Innovation, especially in the gaming segment WiFi […]

Xbox One Media Remote Announced
It was just yesterday when we talked about the very real possibility of the Xbox One Media Remote launching later this week, and we are pleased as punch to report that there is no need to wait all that long, as Microsoft has already officially announced the Xbox One Media Remote, in addition to it being released on a global scale some time early next month. Folks living in the […]

Remote App For iOS Updated With iTunes Radio Support
If you’re an iTunes Radio listener, you might be interested to learn that Apple has recently released an update for its Remote app which will now allow iTunes Radio listeners to control playback through their smartphone/tablet when listening to the service on their Mac or PC. Previously the app was limited to just controller iTunes on the computer, as well as being used to navigate the Apple T V UI. […]


Logitech Harmony Remotes To Receive Xbox One Launch Support
All roads lead to Rome, or so the old saying goes. But what happens when you have just one route to a particular area? Why, others will either take that very same route, while the more creative and enterprising ones would create a new route. Microsoft intends to offer Xbox One owners a way to control this next generation console with the included controller as well as Kinect sensor, but […]

Remote App For iOS Updated
Yesterday we reported that due to a sighting on the Colombian iTunes App Store, it was hinted that a redesigned Remote app would be released in the near future. Well the good news for those who are heavy users of the Remote app, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app has since been updated and released. If you have disabled automatic app updates, you will need to hit up […]

Unwanted TV Remotes Compiled Into Infrared TV
Since just about everyone and their dog knows that it is in to be green, there has been no shortage of effort from many quarters to deliver a decent device or product that somewhat shakes hands with nature. Well, how about old, discarded electronics that nobody wants? Artist Chris Shen wants to make a statement by collecting hundreds of second-hand TV remotes, and using them to be part of an […]

Logitech Harmony Link now shipping
Remember the Logitech Harmony Link that we reported about last week? Well if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on it, we’ve got some good news for you. Logitech has announced on its official blog that the tablet/smartphone accessory for your TV room is now on sale. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Logitech Harmony Link, it’s basically a device that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a full-featured remote […]

MeeGo developer creates XBMC Media Center remote control app
While most of us have yet to get our hands on Nokia’s MeeGo phone, that doesn’t mean development can’t begin. A MeeGo developer (with his trusty N950) has managed to create a remote control that operates the XBMC Media Center (a popular alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Media Center and Apple’s Front Row for HTPC (Home Theater PC) use).

Xbox 360 Media Remote
The Xbox 360 has undeniably become much more than a game console, and with the recent announcement of Xbox TV in addition of the existing Hulu and Netflix support, it’s clear that Xbox 360 needed… a media remote, which will arrive on the market at $19.99 on November 2011.Obviously, there is some overlap with the Xbox controller: directions and A,B,X,Y buttons are present to deal with basic user interface elements. […]

BlueDrone RC car lets you control it via your Android device
When it comes playing with remote controlled cars, instead of those huge and clunky controllers, how about a slightly more modern adaption of the RC car remote which uses your Android device to control it? If that sounds like something you could get on board with, the BlueDrone Kickstarter project might need your help in making it a reality.

DirecTV germ-free remote controls for hotel rooms
We all know that hotel staff do their best to clean up the rooms after every guest checks out, but there’s still quite a large number of people who are worried about its cleanliness when checking in to a hotel. The folks over at DirectTV recognize this issue and are working on solving the problem. The company has announced that its new Residential Experience service will change bring the home […]

Computer repair guy arrested for voyeurism
A computer repair guy, Trevor Harwell, was recently arrested for multiple charges of computer access and fraud. He was found guilty for placing a program on laptops that were sent over to the place he was working on for repair. Called Camcapture, it allowed him to remotely control the webcam of the user’s laptop, to let him capture images while they weren’t looking. To make sure that the girls were […]

Ubiquitous iRemoTap lets you control turn off your devices remotely
Ubiquitous, recently demonstrated the iRemoTap at the Embedded Systems Expo – a smart power strip that has a WiFi connection which allows users to monitor and control the power usage on their laptops or mobile devices. Working just like a regular power strip, all users have to do is plug their devices in that they need powered on.Users then have the option to monitor the power consumption of their devices […]