Remember how everybody laughed at the PlayStation 3‘s poor sales? Remember know the Wii kicked the crap out of everybody with its waggle-riffic motion controls? Remember how Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was content at sitting in second place? Well, the 360 team in Redmond probably aren’t laughing maniacally anymore. According to Strategy Analytics’ research, the PS3 should have surpassed the Xbox 360 as of December last year. Their estimates put the PS3 at 43.4 millions sold worldwide versus the 42.9 million the 360 has sold. Comparatively, the Wii is still socking everyone with a lofty 75.5 million units sold. Sony’s probably celebrating right now. Second is still better than third a.k.a last. The Xbox 360 might have launched a full year earlier than the PS3, but it’s clear in this economic climate that consumers are seeing more value with the PS3. Could it be because of cheap Blu-rays and fresh support for hardcore games on the PlayStation Move? Whatever the reason, Sony’s doing something right under Kaz Hirai’s leadership and that could mean lessons learned for the upcoming NGP.

Update: Whoops, looks like the SA’s info is a little outdated. A quick peek at VGChartz’s data puts the PS3 still in 3rd place with 49.1 million consoles sold, the Xbox 360 in second with 52.8 million and the Wii in first with 86.2 million the systems sold. With only about a 4 million unit difference, the PS3 is nearly neck-in-neck with the 360. It’s gonna be a close race.

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