Yeah, we’ve heard this story before. Speaking to an analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, Sony reiterated that it was not preparing a plan to release a PlayStation 4 in the near future. In regards to building the video game console to succeed the PS3, Sony remained firm on their position: the PS3 is here for the long haul – 10 years. Again, gamers might not be receiving any new PlayStation hardware for the living room, but we know Sony is already hard at work evaluating and making prototypes for the PS4. Developing next-generation hardware takes years of planning and work – they don’t just pop out overnight The big question is how does one prepare for it? Sony bet big bucks that its Cell processor and Blu-ray would become significant components to its home entertainment strategy and it’s paying off, but what’s to come in another five years time? A PS4 with a glasses-free 3D projector? Hey, I can dream can’t I?

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