Gamers are all about speed and reaction time (well at least most games are) and having the right gear to play a game can sometimes determine the difference between playing well and playing even better. Well the folks over at QPAD have put together the MK-80, the keyboard for the hardcore gamer.

“Unlike your average keyboard, that functions through rubber domes, forcing you to press each key all the way down in order for the stroke register, the MK-80 sports true mechanical switches with unmatched accuracy and feel. No more pressing cheap plastic bits with full-force in order to activate the keys. The QPAD keyboard will respond to your every move in an instant.”

Coupled with individual LEDs for each key so you can play no matter how dark it is, as well as USB, headphone and microphone jacks on the keyboard, users won’t have to trouble themselves to plug accessories into the back of their computers. No price has been announced yet, but we’ll see the MK-80 make its way to stores in May.

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