Want to live a true blue Hobbit lifestyle? You won’t be able to go wrong with the QTVan, as this is one cute little trailer that was specially designed by English company Environmental Transport Association (ETA), where it will be pulled by of all things, an electric scooter. The ETA has touted this to be a mini camper of sorts, making it the idea vehicle to beat the crowd in comfort and style.

Of course, you cannot expect all of the creature comforts that are associated with much larger campers, but in a package that measures just slightly more than two meters in length, you will find a full-size bed inside, tea service (hey, it was designed by the English after all), a full bar (hmmm, now that’s important to wind down after a long, hard day at work) and a 19″ flat-screen TV to keep you entertained whenever there isn’t anything interesting happening outside. Heck, with a 30-mile range and a 6mph top speed, you might not be able to get too far away from the trailer park, but perhaps some tourist attractions in the area might be of interest to you. 

The QTVan is proud to be 100% carbon neutral, where you will also be able to purchase a mobility scooter roadside curbside assistance plan that ensures all emergencies are covered, ranging from loss of charge to flat tires. Interested? The QTVan will retail for £5,500 – that means around $9,000, sans scooter.

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