Sanyo has just introduced their KBC-L2 rechargeable battery pack, which is also known as the eneloop mobile booster, where it will offer instant back-up power for various portable devices such as cell phones, smartphones, portable media players as well as other USB-powered devices. The KBC-L2, being part of the eneloop family, will retail for $79.99 a pop. Sporting a couple of  USB outputs, you are able to connect two USB devices to the KBC-L2 simultaneously to have them juiced up. Apart from that, the KBC-L2 will function as auxiliary power should the battery in the device be completely exhausted. A full charge on the L2 offers up to 5000mAh of power just in case you were wondering, taking up to 7 hours to fully juice itself up from an AC outlet. If you’re a frequent traveler with plenty of gadgets, then the Sanyo eneloop mobile booster would go a long way in keeping your bevy of gizmos alive even when you’re far away from a power outlet. Now, if only they incorporated a solar panel in this puppy…[Press Release]

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