It has been said that the frantic, modern lifestyle has certainly caused us to be a whole lot more stressed out, with us sacrificing our time for money, while spending money to purchase “leisure time” in exchange. Well, design student Morven MacKenzie’s TimePeace is a visual commentary on how we are controlled by time, which in the end makes us a whole lot more stressed and less fulfilled.


What TimePeace does is not intentionally slowing down the time process – no amount of money, know how or determination in the world is able to do that, but what TimePeace would attempt to do would be to hide time. Yes, it eliminates such a boundary that takes ‘clock watching’ away, while replacing this frantic activity with user control who will decide on his or her own accord at the time which should be revealed.

Designed to so-called “abandon time” so that we can enjoy most of our lives, we do wonder how effective this would be in corporate organizations where they are results-oriented, and everyone works around a Gantt chart of sorts to make sure everything goes according to schedule and pardon me, runs like clockwork. The TimePeace is part of the Product Design program at the University of Dundee, and it remains to be seen who would want to pick up this idea in the real world. You might as well move to Club Med or join a monastery if you don’t bother about time, right?

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