Earlier this morning, we brought you breaking news that Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE service did undergo a nationwide outage – which was quite a slap to the face of a company with the motto “Rule the Air”, don’t you think so? Originally, the Samsung Droid Charge – a 4G LTE device was meant to roll out tomorrow at Verizon Wireless stores, so with what had just happened, that looks as though Verizon will be making a U-turn on the decision. Having contacted Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney, this is what she had to say about the situation.


We are aware of an issue with 4G LTE data connections and our network engineers are working to resolve this quickly.  We have determined the cause of our issue and are working with our major vendors to restore connections.

Updates, updates – folks have been clamoring for them, so here they are. Your 4G LTE smartphones such as the HTC Thunderbolt will still be able to make calls like normal, although no one can activate any 4G LTE devices at the moment. Of course, customers will most likely experience a 1XRTT data connection at this “difficult” moment in life, and Verizon is tipped to restore their network on a market-by-market basis.

What we do know is, Verizon Wireless will never sell a device unactivated and on contract – so if you can’t activate your device, it doesn’t makes sense for the Droid Charge to go on sale tomorrow – not at least until the outage is resolved.

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