Verizon Wireless, touted to deliver the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network, is currently experiencing the unexpected – it’s network is down. This outage happened earlier this morning, so those of you out there who own the HTC Thunderbolt as well as piggyback on the plethora of wireless data cards from Verizon Wireless would have woken up to a rude surprise earlier this morning, no thanks to the aforementioned broadband outage. Ah well, at least it means you can turn off 4G connectivity for your Thunderbolt and save some battery life in the meantime.


Since there is no longer 4G support at the moment, zippy handsets (data-wise, that is) will now be quite slow as you take ten steps back into the past as you surf the mobile web at 2G speeds on Verizon’s 1X CDMA network.

Verizon is not oblivious to the issue, and has mentioned that they are going to look into it. In a twist of irony, Verizon is currently attempting to draw some distance between itself and rival AT&T by touting a superior 4G service, but if such outages can occur, then it won’t do too well for its portfolio, don’t you think so? Since Thunderbolt owners cannot receive 3G network access and have to settle for less, it is kind of funny to know that other Verizon 3G users can still enjoy decent speeds – albeit not at 4G.

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