Blu smart packSocial networking is the current in thing right now – with all sorts of devices and apps aiming to bring people together. We have the Nintendo 3DS communicating with each other whenever they’re found in close proximity, and we have apps like Colors that shares photographs with anybody with other users of the app that happen to be in the same area as well. Now we have a new one to add to the list – electronic cigarettes.


Blu, the makers of electronic cigarettes (that emit nicotine-laden vapor instead of smoke) have come up with a new way to implement social networking into smoking. As if smoking wasn’t sociable enough – people already gather around in smoking areas just to have a puff in public. But now, Blu wants Blu cigarette smokers to get in touch with other Blu cigarette smokers.

Starting next month, Blu will be releasing “smart packs” for their e-cigarettes. In addition to charging their cigarettes, the smart packs come with devices that emit and search for the radio signals of other packs. When two packs are within 50 feet of one another, the packs will vibrate and flash a blue light. Blu smokers can then choose to acknowledge that there is the presence of another Blu smoker in the vicinity and they’ll be able to easily start a conversation with each other. “Oh hey, you smoke Blu too?”

The Blu smart packs can also be used to store your contact details or links to social networking sites that can be picked up by other Blue smokers with smart packs and then downloaded onto their computers so they can reach you. What a great way to pick up stalkers! Then again, users will never know who they’re going to bump into with these smart packs. Blu smart packs will be sold at $80 for a pack of five electronic cigarettes, starting next month.

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