If you’re a fan of exquisite accessories for your smartphones, you might want to check out these upcoming cases from Slovenia, Europe. Called CalypsoCase, these handmade cases built from premium material that function to protect your smartphone as well as keep it looking sharp might be what you’re looking for.

The CalypsoCase is made from 4 important materials: Italian leather for the main body of the case – this keeps your smartphone protected from scratches while making it look classy. A titanium metal that keeps your phone protected and adds extra protection together with the leather. A specially designed micro-fabric that lines the inside of the case keeping the phone from slipping out. And lastly, a special U-shaped “CalypsoRing” which is essential a U-shaped piece of metal that holds the case together, protecting your phone from regular bumps and knocks. The U-shaped metal band can be made from different materials such as black silver, silver, gold and zirconium.

Right now the company making the cases needs funding for the high precision tools used to make the cases. So if you’re interested in preordering your case (preorders start at $70), head over to the CKIE page to find out how much you want to pay or to find out more about the project. Backers of the project (folks who pre-order) get a special edition case that won’t be sold anywhere else, with their names engraved on the U-shaped of the case. Any takers?

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