EyeGuide logoEye tracking technology is a useful way for companies, the government and basically anybody that requires it to capture an analyze eye tracking data, but due to the high costs of such devices, they haven’t been widely adopted yet. Well, a new start up named Grinbath LLC plans to change all that. The company has just announced an upcoming eye tracking system that will be debuted in a few weeks at the Usability Professionals Conference in Atlanta on June 21.

It will be called the EyeGuide, and it is said to be reliable, versatile, and full-featured but most importantly – affordable. “Great technology shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive.” says Grinbath’s CEO, Dr. Brian Still.

Grinbath EyeGuide™, as a complete system, includes lightweight, wireless headwear that fits almost any user, runs on standard AAA batteries, and makes use of patent pending technology to allow testing on those wearing glasses or contacts. Its software works on Windows or Macs. Calibration is fast and easy. Key data, such as time on task and time-to-first-fixation are gathered and can be displayed graphically along with other valuable visualizations, including gaze plots, clusters, bee swarms, and heat maps. EyeGuide™ also makes the export of this data easy. Video is made available in .webM, an open source, royalty free video format, and if researchers want to do additional analysis EyeGuide™ saves test data in .csv, .html, and .png file formats.

The EyeGuide™ system, including the headwear and software to capture and analyze eye tracking data, begins at $1,495 for commercial consumers. Education, government, and non-profit buyers pay only $1,179 per system. Discounts on these prices are available for multiple system purchases. But it isn’t just affordable. “We built this not just to be the least expensive eye tracking system,” Still said. “We are committed for it to be the most user-centered. That’s why we guarantee free upgrades to the software, based on user feedback, for the lifetime of the system. We also will offer free online (or inexpensive on-site) training supplemented by customer service that promises attentive, expert technical support in less than 24 hours.”

Let’s see whether Grinbath’s EyeGuide’s lower prices will be the catalyst for the mass adoption of these devices. Find out more about the EyeGuide.

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