Want to up the ante where security stakes are concerned on your home computer? Of course, biometric readings might be considered to be more secure than a strong password by some quarters, but that might just mean anyone who wants to gain access to a particular account might just eye that thumb of yours much closer than the Mafia. Short of scaring away our readers, we bring you the Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris scanner which is self-explanatory – it does away with the need to remember passwords, relying on iris scanning technology that is a whole lot harder to spoof compared to a fingerprint reader. After all, those of you who have watched Fast Five would know how easy it is to get a palm print if you send the right spy into the bad guys’ den.

Apart from being harder to spoof, the Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris scanner also proves itself to be formidable security wise since they are easier to use, and have those extremely rare moments when they mess up by announcing a false negative. Being USB powered would also mean it can be toted around anywhere, but we would advice you to take out a larger sum insured on that eye of yours first if you are a valuable asset to your company.

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