Mock up of the HTC BlissIt’s not every day we come across a phone like this. The folks over at This Is My Next recently caught wind of an upcoming HTC Android phone that’s supposedly designed for women. Tentatively called the HTC Bliss for now, this will be the first time we have an Android phone that’s been catered to the needs of today’s women.

Firstly, the phone will feature a typical HTC form factor – rumored to be a cross between the Desire S and Desire Z. It won’t feature a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and will have a slim profile of around .54-inches. The phone will come preloaded with shopping comparison apps (because every female loves to shop) and calorie counting apps for the health-conscious women. It will also feature a wallpaper that is described as “calming”.

The phone will also come with accessories like a wireless charging dock, and a stylish matching Bluetooth headset. It will also come with a “charm indicator” that lights up when the phone has a new message or a missed call. It also comes with a cord attached to the phone to make fishing the device out of a deep purse less of a chore.

HTC are known for designing some weird phones – look at the Salsa or ChaCha, so I wouldn’t put an Android phone for women beyond them. Secondly, Android appears to be somewhat more masculine that other operating systems, with a demographic of mainly male users – a female-centric Android phone could be the beginning of a whole new market. But since HTC or Verizon has declined to comment on the Bliss, take these rumors with a pinch of salt. What do you think of an Android phone deisgned for women? Do you think it has the potential to do well in the market?

Publisher’s note: so women needs to be aware of their weigh/calories and need a “calming” wallpaper… How many cliches can you put in a single device? At least – it’s not pink… (Hubert)

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