HTC Bliss and Runnymede specifications leaked in full

The HTC Bliss and Runnymede are two upcoming Android handsets that have been talked about quite a bit. The HTC Bliss is supposedly HTC’s first Android handset that is targeted specifically at the female audience in mind, while the HTC Runnymede is supposedly HTC’s next flagship device that will be sporting a monstrous 4.7” display. While there have been several mentions of both device’s specifications, for those who refuse to […]

HTC Rhyme receives DLNA certification

Not much is known about the HTC Rhyme besides the registered trademark for the name discovered almost a month ago, but now we’ve got a little bit of information about what it’s going to be. The device recently received its DLNA Certification, and it has a model number of ADR6330VW, which matches the model number of the female-centric Android phone, the HTC Bliss. So the mystery has been solved, and […]

HTC Bliss shows up in non-blurry photographs

For the first time ever, it looks like we have shots of a phone in the wild that don’t look like they were taken by someone on a rollercoaster. The female-oriented Android phone from HTC known as the HTC Bliss has been spotted in the wild again, this time without the usual blurriness. Now we get to have a closer look at the phone, which looks a lot like the […]

HTC Bliss spotted in the wild

The HTC Bliss has been dubbed by some to be a phone for the ladies, although we are not too sure that such an idea might work in this day and age. After all, you will always have some redrawing of the boundaries as to just which market a particular handset targets. Well, the HTC Bliss is also known as the PI46110 if model numbers are your cup of tea, […]


HTC Bliss render spotted

The HTC Bliss is still wrapped in mystery, although that shroud is slowly but surely being unraveled by tech ninjas. This Android-powered smartphone was rumored to target women, and it returns to the limelight as a leaked handset render that is resting in the tabletop cradle. You can’t really take a pick out a whole lot of information from the image as the Bliss is docked, although the color does […]

HTC Bliss and HTC Kingdom cases arrive on Amazon

Amazon, one of the largest retailers on the Web, has started to put up for sale a couple of cases which are meant to fit two unannounced HTC smartphones – the HTC Bliss and HTC Kingdom. Both of these devices have appeared on the rumor mill to date, with the Kingdom being pictured to date, so to see cases for the Kingdom and Bliss appear are definitely confirmation that the […]

HTC Bliss: an Android phone designed for women

It’s not every day we come across a phone like this. The folks over at This Is My Next recently caught wind of an upcoming HTC Android phone that’s supposedly designed for women. Tentatively called the HTC Bliss for now, this will be the first time we have an Android phone that’s been catered to the needs of today’s women. Firstly, the phone will feature a typical HTC form factor […]