Kogeto has just announced their latest iPhone 4 accessory to hit the market – simply known as Dot. Dot is something different from the rest, as it functions as a special optical device which is fitted right over the iPhone’s current lens so that you can capture a panoramic 360-degree photo as well as video. Needless to say, all captured video can be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter, and you can go further than that by sharing it with others via Kogeto’s web-based streaming service. The Dot will not fail as there is a custom optic that automatically aligns with the iPhone 4’s built-in camera the moment you “install” it.

New Dot owners can also download a companion iPhone app Looker from the App Store, where Looker will let you shoot, browse and share panoramic videos. If there are two or more Dots in one location, Looker is able to link together videos from those Dot users. A Looker subscriber is then able to view the event from multiple perspectives. So far we do know that the basic version of Looker will not cost you a single cent, but those who want a fuller-featured version will have to fork out more – although there is no word on an exact price just yet.

The Dot can be pre-ordered for $100 a pop, and we await more word on an official release date.

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