After hearing that Monster Hunter Portable would be getting remastered with HD graphics for the PlayStation 3, we now have word that Konami is give its critically acclaimed PSP Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game the HD makeover as well. According to JVN, Konami will definitely be showing off the new prettied up Peace Walker for PS3 at E3 next month.

With a remastered version of Peace Walker, gamers would be able to load up their PSP game saves and continue where they left off on the PS3. The entire process of converting Peace Walker over to the PS3 shouldn’t be too hard, given the fact that Kojima Productions should be well adjusted to working with its MGS4 engine on the PS3 by now.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Hideo Kojima universe, the MGS designer says that his latest project that’s been one year in the making just “became meaningless” a.k.a canceled. Whether that game was related to any Metal Gear Solid projects (i.e. Metal Gear Solid: Rising or MGS: Snake Eaters 3D) is uncertain.

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