If there is one thing area where Nintendo knows it has no need to worry about, it’s the games. Nintendo makes excellent games (for the most part). Super Mario games are almost always a surefire way of moving system volume. Like Apple, Nintendo’s strong when it comes to developing games for its own consoles. When a gamer invests in a Nintendo system, they’re getting the whole ecosystem – the whole package – quality games and quality hardware from Nintendo. The same can’t be said for third-party developers who create games for Nintendo’s systems.

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata (who seems to have a lot to say lately), Nintendo would like to bolster its support of third-party published games on its 3DS and its upcoming Wii 2 consoles. The main reason is that without strong third-party games support, when a Nintendo game isn’t out, the sales for their system dries up.

With that in mind, Nintendo is making some changes when it comes to releasing 3DS games. Instead of going head to head with third-party games, Nintendo will be releasing its games when third-party game releases are at their lowest. By doing so, Nintendo can ensure that there is a steady flow of new game releases available at all times. For example, when a Call of Duty game arrives, a Zelda game wouldn’t be released because it’d steal all of the thunder off Activision’s shooter.

For Nintendo to admit the new change in strategy is tough, but if it wants to revive the sharp declining sales of the 3DS and Wii, it’s a risk that Nintendo has at least identified and will address moving forward.

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