Serious gamers take their peripherals very seriously – after all, they are, as Randy Jackson would put it, “in it to win it”. Why not invest in a good gaming mouse (and keyboard as well as headphones, too) then? NZXT certainly knows what they are talking about since the company has a relatively good track record when it comes to developing gaming mice for the masses, and their latest release would be the Avatar S.

The NZXT Avatar S will offer simple, precise gaming control, in addition to an array of intuitive, innovative features. It is similar in some ways to the original Avatar in terms of design, boasting of a sleek and stealthy form factor that is ambidextrous – so southpaws need not cry foul any more. The low profile, light form factor will be accompanied by Teflon feet to make it ideal for performing quick powerful movements on just about any surface (we’re not sure whether plain glass will play nice with it or not).

The Avatar S will feature complete personalization with a DPI switch that adjusts 1600/800/400DPI in-game sans the need to download drivers, while you can custom configure in-game macros, 5 media keys, X-Y sensitivity, and LED lighting and store the personalized settings onto the onboard 16Kb memory – perfect for those who are extremely meticulous in their gaming setup. Expect to fork out $39.99 (€34.99 for our friends across the pond) for the Avatar S.

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