Harry Potter app proposalIf you’re looking for an app to help you propose to somebody there is an app for that – but unfortunately it’s not available on the App Store. That’s what romantic geek, Jon Hodgson found out when he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. Seeing there’s no app to help you with it, he decided to take things into his own hands by using the Android App Inventor. He created a Harry Potter 7 quiz app that he used to trick his girlfriend into playing.

The app claims that it’s a promotion for Harry Potter fans to get free tickets to watch the movie on opening night. It is draped in authenticity, even displaying a page with legal terms and conditions that contests usually have. The app is described to have 4 standard questions that any Harry Potter fan should know the answer to, and the 5th one where the only question that matters is asked: “Will you marry me?”

Obviously she said yes, if not we probably wouldn’t have heard of such a story. Anyway, the yes caused the phone to automatically send the answer to Hodgson’s phone, and Hodgson then came over with a real ring to finalize the proposal. The app then ends with a screen shot of Ginny and Harry kissing, with the corresponding paragraph from the book. For someone who took so much time to come up with an app like that, he should be applauded. Anybody have a great idea for an app proposal?

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