The Samsung Galaxy S II does seem to be a winner from many aspects, and has picked up rave reviews along the way as well, for good reason too. It has a stunning display, a fast processor and a well-rounded feature set, but it seems that all good things must eventually come to an end, and the same holds true for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Some users of the Android-powered handset have noticed that their Super AMOLED Plus displays tend to have a yellowish tinge off to one side as you can see on the right.

It seems that the easiest method to detect whether your Galaxy S II has this issue is to turn your display’s brightness down, while observing a solid-colored neutral background. The effect can be so subtle that most people might miss it, but yet it is still undeniable that such an “defect” is present, although others might argue that this could be because of the photo taken itself, where light and angles tend to play tricks on the eyes. 

This yellow tint is touted to lean more towards the hardware problem side, and will most probably have nothing to do with Google’s modification of Android for a different color temperature. How will this piece of news affect your Galaxy S II purchase decision?

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