CEO of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg was in Moscow and Eldar Murtazin shares some insight on the phone manufacturing company with the masses after receiving some information from the head honcho himself. To nobody’s surprise, Sony Ericsson will lose market share worldwide in the forseeable future – we are talking about a losing streak of up to 5 quarters, and the company has failed to gain any profit worldwide either. This does not seem to bode well, but Sony Ericsson is doing their darndest best to release new models at a higher price point in order to generate a profit but will stop offering software support.

Software support is essential, but you can tell from the past symptoms that all is not well when Sony Ericsson Android phones tend to be the last to receive a firmware or operating system update, and sometimes not at all. The product line for next year is still in shambles, and Sony Ericsson has failed to cobble together enough resources for the entire product line. 

To add more doom and gloom, regional headquarters will close in select markets as there is currently a surplus of marketing managers. Expect the axe to fall next year – at least this gives them ample warning to look for a new job from now on.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is said to be a “huge mistake” as sales have been disappointing right from the start. In a last ditch effort to revive sales, the price will be revised downward this coming September 2nd – why not now, Sony Ericsson? As for the focus in target markets, they will be just looking at US, Russia, China and Germany. Nordberg is also said to resign next year – do you think the man deserves a golden handshake?

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