Sprint Google VoiceIt was just a couple of days ago that Google announced its Google Voice services being integrated with Sprint’s network went live. But according to reports online, things aren’t working as planned. Since Sprint reps can’t answer your Google Voice queries and are directing consumers to the Google Voice forums – a forum that’s known to not be much help in these situations. Upon receiving numerous complaints about the service, the folks Engadget have decided to take things in their own hands and launched their own investigation. It turns out that there are a lot of problems with the service.

A lot of users can’t activate the service to begin with, and not everyone who can activate it can use it due to complications with Sprint and Google Voice codes that handle the call rerouting. Sprint’s Nextel phones, PowerSource phones and phones on a corporate or prepaid account can’t be integrated with the service – some people who don’t fall into the categories face such problems as well. People are being sent to voicemail inboxes of people they call – with access to the recipient’s very own voicemail messages! More appalling is Sprint’s refusal to address the problem, choosing to direct everyone over to Google’s forum instead of giving them a solution instead.

How’s the Sprint and Google Voice service going for you – any of you experiencing problems, or are things all fine and dandy?

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