HP has released several versions of the TouchPad emulator for HP webOS 3.0 in recent weeks, alongside the Enyo SDK (Software Development Kit) into the Early Access Program, and it has been revealed that there will be a Mojo compatibility mode inside, letting webOS 3.0-powered devices being fully capable of handling older Mojo apps without missing a beat.

HP was true to their word by calling it an emulation window, where it will run a 320 x 480 resolution window (just like a Pre). Being the first released draft of the Mojo emulator, it must be forgiven when there are some noticeable quirks, such as it being sideways relative to the menu bar, sporting a simulated phone around it. There is also a gesture area located below which will respond to forward and back swipes, and we do speculate that it will also do so for meta-taps.

Documentation thrown into the Beta 5 emulator mentions that Mojo apps “compatibility mode” will run by default at 320 x 480 resolution. Are you excited about webOS 3.0 already?

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