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One of the biggest complains people have about the Windows 7 operating system has been its lack of tablet-optimization. Sure there are some included features in Windows 7 tablets that try to improve things, but in the end, it is still Windows 7, and most of the programs on it are designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse combo. For example, take the minimize, restore/maximize and close buttons on the top right corner of each window. If you have large fingers like I do, trying to hit the right button is going to be a hassle, and you’ll end up closing a lot of files by accident.

A Windows 7 tablet owner, Justin Campana (the dude behind the Carbon Fiber Windows 7 hack) seems to have found a solution to WP7’s tablet woes – by customizing the operating system with a whole bunch of widgets and docks to keep everything neat and tablet-like. He even programmed his own set of buttons for frequently used functions such as minimize, close, copy and paste so he can access them easily. From the 7 minute video demonstration that he uploaded, I gotta say I’m very impressed. The amount of customization you can pull off on Windows 7 to make it work for tablets is pretty amazing. Check out the video demonstration, or head over to Justin’s website for instructions on how to optimize Windows 7 for your tablet.

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