Matt Bunting, a roboticist for the University of Arizona has successfully created a hexapod robot that makes use of artificial intelligence to learn how to move. Using 21 motors, a web camera, and a tiny PC for the basis of its body, he finally realized his teenage dream of creating a hexapod when he hit grad school.

Recognition came after he uploaded videos of his hexapod online and was contacted by Intel to create replicas for the company. With the aid of Intel, he worked hard to perfect the hexapod and turned it into what he always wanted: robots capable of vision, learning and adapting to the situation they are placed in.

Now Matt is pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and working on DARPA’s “Cheetah Project“. It’s always nice to see people transforming childhood dreams into realities, especially when it involves cool looking, six-legged robots. Hit the break to watch a video demonstration of the Matt Bunting’s hexapod:

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