If you have 1,000 Euros ($1,435) to spare, perhaps these AKG in-ear headphones is something to spend that money on. Admittedly when it comes to audio products, AKG does a pretty decent job at producing good quality devices, but for 1,000 Euros, what will you be getting yourself into?

Well for starters, AKG has billed the K3003’s “the world’s smallest true 3-way supreme audio earphones,” and the stainless steel housings are reportedly handmade, which could account for the exorbitant price tag. The in-ear headphones are also supposed to be using “a new hybrid technology for great sound” and should be able to seal out surrounding sounds through passive noise reduction.

They won’t be officially launched until the IFA electronics show, which is in September, but they are available online as a sneak peek, although we highly doubt people will be rushing out of their homes come September to drop $1,435 on a pair of in-ear headphones, or will they? Perhaps $1,435 for a set of really nice speakers makes more sense, but to spend that much on a pair of in-ear headphones? What do you guys think? Any audiophiles out there who think that the 1,000 Euro price tag is justifiable?

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